slide2aCongrats! We have confirmed your rental for cleaning equipment.

You can close this window and breathe easier because clean floors are in your future!  Below is some extracurricular reading if you are interested:

Scrubber Rental Agreement Addendum - A copy of this addendum will be stapled to your copy of the invoice.

Rental Tips:

  1. Pre-Sweep!  Before scrubbing a floor you should sweep or dry mop to remove as much surface dirt and debris as possible.  Dirt + Water = Mud.  If you remove dirt prior to wet scrubbing the machine will be more successful at cleaning the tough stains.
  2. Scrub slowly.  Moving slowly allows the brushes and chemical solution to spend more time lifting soils.  If you move too quickly there might not be adequate “dwell time” and the floor will not come clean.  This is the same principle as soaking greasy pots and pans before scrubbing.
  3. Less is more. Do not fill clean-water tank all the way full and do not overuse provided cleaners.  If the dirty water tank overfills or excessive foam occurs there is greater risk for vacuum motor moisture damage.  We can always tell if the vacuum motor has water damage and there is a $45 charge if this happens. Learn more about our rental policies in our “Scrubber Rental Addendum”
  4. Like the rental?  Ask about purchasing a machine of your own.  All the rentals are for sale and we have a large stock of new and demo unit equipment.

Rental Don’ts:

  1. Do not abuse the equipment. We would like to continue to rent equipment but careless damage prevents us from keeping a stock of quality rental units.
  2. Do not transport equipment on your trucks, trailer or forklift!  We service a large area and will be happy to drop off the machine at your cleaning site.  Our van and trailer has a 100% success rate at dropping off un-damaged equipment.  We strongly discourage customers from using their own vehicles as damage to the machine usually occurs!  The renter is responsible for all damage resulting from improper use or operator neglect.
  3. These machines are not designed to be picked up by a fork lift – damage to scrub deck is guaranteed if you try.